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  • Bintelan® is a Ganetec Global Solutions brand that nowadays provides video analytics solutions to 27 countries in 5 continents.

  • Bintelan® is a unique Analytics Platform in the market that unifies all your analytics in a single interface allowing an easy configuration and management of the system. It is an advanced video platform for High Security and Marketing analytics.

  • Bintelan Analytics Platform is a Management Software for Intelligent Video Analytics.

Platform Advantages

Bintelan® Platform integrates any kind of 3rd Party video analytics algorithm in order to provide the largest offer of video analytics in the market.

Modular adaptation of every project

Ganetec Global Solutions is aware of the constant evolution and development of algorithms that solve new situations that you face every day. This knowledge has allowed the Analytics Platform to integrate almost any 3rd Party algorithm in market. This adaptability offers customers the ability to manage from a single platform, various algorithms, thus reducing both investments, as the learning curve for operators.

Bintelan® Analytics Platform allows to choose between several algorithms for each technology. It offers a wide range of algorithms from different providers depending on the analytics type. More than 45 algorithms are available: 2 for face recognition algorithms, 7 for LPR, 4 for counting on standard cameras and 2 on thermal cameras, etc. Ganetec's aim is to adapt to the client needs in any security or marketing scenario. All integrated algorithms are state-of-the-art, allowing us to offer end-client the best solutions.

Ganetec integrates in the Bintelan® Platform any kind of 3rd Party video analytics algorithm in order to provide the largest offer of video analytics in the market. Ganetec is not an algorithm developer, it's not competitor of the algorithms manufacturers but added value partner.

Floating license can be binded to either one camera or server independently, this functionality help the end user to save costs in every installation.

Easy management

One of the Platform's key points is the simplicity and ease of use in which it can manage unlimited analytics. Due to the fact that the features, configuration and management of these analytics is performed through a unified interface.

Bintelan® simplifies and unifies the configuration parameters allowing the operator to manage and configure more than 45 different analytics with a single training.

The configuration of the analytics on Edge, Server or Cloud will be done from the same interface, with the same parameters.

Floating license

Additionally, the platform offers a floating license and server approach which is a great competitive advantage. Using the same technology applied in banks, the Platform can execute different licenses in several servers independently, being able to switch them between servers in real time. Furthermore, the same policy is applied to the camera stream.

Finally, the floating license can be binded to either one camera or server independently. As there is no swap restriction, it can be assigned to one camera or server indistinctly. This functionality help the end user to save costs in every installation taking the most of their licenses.

High security and marketing in the same CCTV

In the same CCTV installation, the customer using the right combination of analytics modules will have in the same interface to the highest security measures and the most advanced marketing tools (as Business Intelligence tools) in order to create their own personalized reports.

On a security level, Bintelan® provides more than 45 different analytics modules from face, objects and plate recognitions to counting, traffic analytics, amongst many others, in order to prevent any unlucky event that may happen.

On a marketing level, Bintelan Analytics Platform will offer the possibility to recognize any of your customers and create your own reports through statistics and the most advanced Business Intelligence and Big Data tools to implement the most advanced marketing strategies focused on the client in the most direct way.



Bintelan® does not need to access to any web based module to configure and launch EDGE analytics.

Under the Platform, it's possible to configure, manage and launch every kind of analytics in server, EDGE, Cloud or a mix of all of them.

Bintelan Analytics Platform integrates several different analytics modules in EDGE, from several manufacturers.


  • Unified management

  • One interface : All Algorithms (3rd Party)

  • One Management per each technology group


Integration in several Public Clouds available in the market and in some Private Clouds from different providers.

Centralized and unlimited management of processes.

Analíticas en la cámara, en el servidor y en el Cloud todo gestionado desde un único punto dentro del VMS.

Use of HPC technologies (High Performance Computing)

Centralized and unified server management. From a single point is possible to manage, start, stop and pause every installation analytics with unlimited processes either they are installed in 1 or 1000 servers. The system provides a transparent interface for every server, deciding for the user where and how the analytics are running.

Business intelligence integration

Advanced Business Intelligence Integration with more than six partners

Customized Dashboards for each Vertical Sector

Use of HPC technologies (High Performance Computing)

Bintelan® Business Intelligence Analytics is an Analytics Platform able to boost any VMS in the market, increasing their effectiveness and offering new security and marketing solutions to improve the management of your company.

Taking advantage of the already installed security system, the product allows you to add marketing analytics, which make a study of the behaviour of individuals in order to extract the best stats, fully focused on the tastes and habits of consumers company, for the promotion and marketing. These Business Intelligence stats can generate a comprehensive forecasts that will change the habits of employees to deal with potential problems in an area of business or at critical moments.

These analytics can also be used to activate certain advertisements at specific times to reach the visitors in accurate way.

Bintelan® integrates four different market BI leaders, using all the data provided by the analytics and unifying them in a single system. Ganetec offers the possibility of integrate any other customized BI by request.